TV Preacher

by Greg Carrick

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My rant against tv preachers who distort the truth


turned on the tv what did I see
a religious car salesman a preachin' at me
He was waving a Bible all big and black
I was feelin' like I was under attack

he wasn't selling me any bright hope
not offering' me any way to cope
what he was peddling' , all i could hear
was a sulphur reekin' hell-born fear

He didn't ask me to open my Bible
He wanted my wallet, said I was liable
to end up in hell if I didn't cough up
some cash to fill his overflowin' cup

I couldn't swallow his sorta religion
cos he didn't give a damn about my position
on helping' the poor or walkin' the Way
just wanted my money so he could be payed

He was wearing' a suit all shiny and swell,
Gucci shoes and you know you could tell
his watch and his cuffs and his tie pin too
were sparkling' with diamonds, all shiny and new

He was ranting' and ravin' and pointin' at me
spittin' out words 'bout apostasy
said I was blind, and sickly and poor
and wealth would never ever come to my door

Well I looked at him in his hate and rage
and wondered why in this day and age
we let these fools stand in front of a cross
and hang on their words like they're our boss

I opened my Bible and there I could tell
Jesus didn't want me to go down to hell
He said God is love and He wants to forgive
and we should also live and let live

So turn off your tv and open the book
That God gave to us and have a good look
Let Jesus be your guide to show you the way
to walk in the light of everlasting' day


released February 15, 2014
Words and Music by Greg Carrick



all rights reserved


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